Book Presentation Maarten Boudry

In ‘Illusies voor gevorderden’, Maarten Boudry gives an enticing account on why illusions are dangerous.

Nobody wants to live in a world of illusions, but the truth can be hurtful and disconcerting. Are we allowed the odd white lie? Maarten Boudry wonders whether there is such a thing as a useful illusion, a balanced and well thought out chimera, wholesome for mind and body. How can a placebo pill be wrong if it can cure people? Or belief in an afterlife, if it lifts the burden of living? Can self-overestimation be advantageous? Does a person perform better in the workplace or the field of play if he or she believes success is inevitable?

In 'Illusies voor gevorderden', Maarten Boudry gives an enticing account on why illusions are dangerous, from religious delusions to pseudo-science and financial bubbles. With a firebrand vehemence both passionate and eloquent, Maarten Boudry shows himself a staunch defender of the truth.

Will also be appearing during the event: philosophers Johan Braeckman and Paul Cliteur. Illusionist Gili will lift the veil on a careful selection of illusions and Koen Fillet will interview Maarten Boudry.

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