About Het Denkgelag

'Het Denkgelag' was formed in 2012 and was described as "leisurely evenings of discussion on philosophical, sceptical and scientific subjects, with a host of interesting speakers and the audience as the guest of honor."

Het team van 'Het Denkgelag' op 17/10/2013

In the meantime 'Het Denkgelag' has grown into a team of about 20 volunteers.


Dries, Pieter en Maarten. De oprichters van 'Het Denkgelag'.

In the picture: Dries, Pieter and Maarten. The founders of 'Het Denkgelag'.

01/26/2015: 'A Passion for Science and Reason' with Richard Dawkins and Lawrence Krauss
Presented by Julia Galef


Video: A Passion for Science and Reason


11/27/2014:‘From Robot to Monkey. Debate on Transhumanism' with Kris Verburgh, Pieter Bonte, Arjen Kamphuis and Martijntje Smit
Presented by Brecht Decoene


10/17/2013: 'The Limits of Science' with Daniel Dennett, Massimo Pigliucci and Lawrence Krauss
Presented by Maarten Boudry


Video: The Limits Of Science


12/13/2012: 'Free Will' with Dirk Verhofstadt, Farah Focquaert, Jan Verplaetse and Ferry de Jong
Presented by Joël De Ceulaer


11/29/2012: 'Myths in Psychology' with Wouter Duyck, Willem Verbeke, Mark Kinet and Frederik Anseel
Presented by Joël De Ceulaer


11/22/2012: 'Religion & Science' with Herman Philipse, Emanuel Rutten, Etienne Vermeersch and Jürgen Mettepenningen
Presented by Joël De Ceulaer


11/08/2012: 'Life Without God' with Jean Paul Van Bendegem, Alicja Gescinska, Patrick Loobuyck, Filip Buekens and Benno Barnard
Presented by Dirk Verhofstadt


11/01/2012: 'Paranormal?' with Stephen Law, Johan Braeckman and Chris French
Presented by Geerdt Magiels